Barcode Images

Do you have a GS1 prefix and need to create barcode images?

We can help you.  GS1 India only provides a prefix for your company, not the whole barcode number.  A full barcode number is created from a GS1 prefix by adding a product code and then calculating the final check digit.  Product codes can be 1 to 5 digits long depending on the length of the company prefix. The check digit is a single digit calculated checksum that validates the barcode. Once you have a company prefix, product code and check digit, you have everything needed to create a valid barcode image.

GS1 India recommend their own approved Solution Partners to help generate barcode numbers and images. This can be an additional unneeded expense for a relatively simple procedure.  Barcode Savers India can help you create GS1 complaint barcode images quickly for significantly less cost.  Using our in-house software we’re able to create industry standard EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF-14 and SSCC barcode images to exact GS1 Specifications.  We offer sound advice on barcode size and placement by drawing upon our years of experience, helping you ensure your products will pass barcode verification reports for major retailers.

We offer EPS, SVG, AI, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF and BMP digital image formats in resolutions ranging from 300 DPI to 2450 DPI.  We also include the standard OCRB human readable font recommended by GS1 with every barcode image package.

To obtain a no obligation quote for image generation please fill out the below form.  One of our staff will be in contact you shorty.  Our turnaround time for GS1 image packages is same business day.

Note: This service is for current holders of GS1 license keys, GS1 Company Prefixes, ISBNs, or those who have purchased numbers from barcode re-sellers but do not have barcode images.  Barcode numbers cannot be bought through this service. This service is for generating barcode images only.  To obtain barcodes and images together please see our buy barcodes page.  If you want a company prefix see our company prefix page.  You can otherwise obtain a company prefix through GS1 membership.