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✓ No Annual Fees or subscriptions
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originating with the UCC (now GS1)
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Barcode Savers India is a trusted supplier of retail Barcodes for consumer goods in India.  Since our launch in 2013 we’ve helped many Indian businesses both large and small obtain authentic EAN-13/UPC-A barcodes for their products.  We provide unique barcodes that originate with the same numbering system as GS1 which are accepted by the vast majority of retailers in India and worldwide. Our company has proudly supplied more than one million barcodes to over 10,000 customers since inception.

No Annual Fees or Subscriptions

Our barcodes were first issued by the Uniform Code Council (now GS1-US) and are not subject to annual license fees. This means the barcodes we provide can be used for the life of your product. You don’t need to pay any further fees or annual subscriptions.

Avoid GS1 fees and overpriced re-sellers

Barcode Savers was born to help small business get their products into the supply chain with affordable globally unique barcodes.  GS1 India’s annual fees can be a costly endeavor for small businesses trying to enter the market.  Other barcode re-sellers can end up being be just as expensive, especially if your business has many products or variants.  We’re a cost effective alternative to direct GS1 membership, lowering the entry cost for product identification.  Our name means savings, but we don’t compromise on the quality of our barcodes or our standard of customer service.

Our friendly team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns. Barcode Savers India also offer specialised bulk & image deals on request, along with other barcode formats such as ITF-14 Carton Codes, QR codes and more. So get in touch with our staff to talk about your barcoding needs.

Our barcode numbers for India

The barcodes we provide start in the 060 – 089 range. This means they were first issued by the Uniform Code Council (now GS1-US).  Our numbers are widely used on products in India and globally. Our company has sold over 1 million barcodes since 2012.

Get the facts about “890” Barcodes

Posts circulating on social media falsely claim that barcodes can indicate the country of origin of a product. In fact a barcode starting with 890 does not mean a product is “Made In India”. Read our article about 890 barcode numbers here.

Barcode Registration

Register your barcode and product data on, a free & open product database that holds data such as product, barcode type, brand, category and image attributes. Registering increases online brand visibility and deters unauthorised use of your barcodes.