Using Barcodes on Amazon

The barcodes supplied by Barcode Savers are suitable for Amazon individual seller listings, private label listings and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).   Our customers have been informed by Amazon Seller Support that “barcodes can be purchased from any external or third party supplier and used to list your products, however the barcode must be valid and you can validate your barcodes on these sites:”

GS1’s Check Digit Calculator

Our barcode numbers originate from the Uniform Code Council (the same system as GS1) and come supplied with correctly generated calculated check digits.  They will therefore pass Amazon’s integrated validation forms and can be used to list products on Amazon.

Limitations with using Amazon Brand Registry

Please note if you’re intending to list your products under the Amazon Brand Registry platform there are a few methods used by Amazon to verify your brand ownership. One such method of verification is checking your product codes against GS1’s GEPIR database for your brand name.  Although the barcodes we supply originate with the UCC (now known as GS1) we cannot upload your brand or company information to GS1’s GEPIR database. Unfortunately no barcode re-seller can provide GEPIR registration. To have your brand appear on GS1’s GEPIR you would need to join GS1 and pay annual license fees to maintain your barcodes. Therefore if you’re intending to apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry platform you should consider obtaining your numbers directly through GS1.

Workarounds  –  Generally direct GS1 membership for the brand registry is preferable. However if you’re using third party re-seller supplied codes on Amazon Brand Registry you may be required by Amazon to provide a) “a letter from the manufacturer/your brand stating that the GTIN you are using to list this product is valid” or b) photographs of your product displaying the GTIN/barcode on the packaging.

Note – Amazon’s Brand Registry platform is very selective and generally intended for larger well established brands. To be eligible your brand will need to have a registered Trademark.  To find out more information about Amazon Brand Registry and their eligibility rules visit

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