Printing your Barcodes to Labels

Our barcode images are supplied in the EPS, JPEG and TIFF graphic digital file formats.  Ideally these are intended for inclusion on artwork files such as .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .psd (Photoshop) etc.  However it is possible to import these images or enter the barcode numbers into various label making programs.  Below are a few common methods for printing your barcodes directly to labels.

DIY Method

Barcodes can be printed directly from your PC or Mac if you have an adequate printer.  Many office supplies stores provide label sheets such as Avery templates.  It is important to ensure the template will have enough space to include the barcode image and quiet zones (this is the blank/white space either side of the bars).  We suggest using the highest resolution settings available and test scanning a proof or sample label before printing multiple labels.  If you are having any difficulty with the barcode size remember that GS1 guidelines for EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes suggest a minimum of 80% magnification.  This is 80% scale of the barcode images we supply.

Bundles Label Printer & Software

Label printers such as a Dymo have bundled software.  You can use this software to enter the barcode numbers into pre-made layouts and print. These machines a specifically designed for custom barcode printing and label making.   Prices are anywhere between $100 – $600 but can be a worthwhile investment. These types of printer utilise thermal transfer technology making the labels more durable then the DIY method.  You can pick up one of these models at most office supply stores or via an online search.

Brother TD-4000
Zebra GC420D

Professional Printing Services

If the above methods are not available to you we suggest hiring a professional printing service. You would have to find a local printer with experience in retail and a good reputation.

Barcode Verification

Once you have a label proof printed it’s worthwhile to consider getting a Barcode Verification report.  This tests the quality of your printed barcode and can identify any issues that may need to be rectified.  Some larger retailers require Barcode Verification prior to accepting your product.  See Barcode Verification for more.

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