ITF-14 Carton Codes

An ITF-14 Carton Code is a 14 digit barcode used on warehousing and logistics units.  Units using an ITF-14 barcode can contain multiple instances of the same product or mixed lots of assorted products. Some larger retailers and distributors will require ITF-14 carton codes in order to track your products through the supply chain.

ITF-14 generated by Barcode Savers

When a Carton contains a quantity of the same product the ITF-14’s reference number will correspond to the EAN-13’s product code on the actual product.  When a Carton contains a mixed lot of various products a new product number is assigned to represent the mixed lot.

Packaging Level Indicator – The packaging level indicator is the first digit of the ITF-14 code.  The packaging level number can range from 0 – 8 (9 cannot be used).  Standard orders of ITF-14 numbers use the packaging indicator (1).

If you have purchased an EAN-13 barcode package and require corresponding  ITF-14 Carton Codes please email us at  with your order reference or receipt number.  If you require a packaging level indicator other than “1” or have any other special requirement you can include this information in your mail.

Important !

ITF-14s can not be used at point of sale.
EAN-13s can not be used in place of an ITF-14.

How to Open the ZIP Folder

Our barcode packages are delivered instantly to your email address upon completion of checkout.  We send all your barcode numbers, images, certificate and OCRB font inside a Zip Folder.  If you’re not familiar with opening zips refer to these instructions.

Step 1. Download the zip folder from the automated email sent to the email you used during checkout.  The barcode package will be attached to the email and named according to package size eg.

Step 2. Find the location where you downloaded the zip folder on your PC/MAC.  Typically this will be in your “My Downloads” folder for PC or “Downloads” for MAC.   When the file is downloaded to your PC/MAC locate it and follow the below instructions to fully access individual files.

Step 3. To access the contents of the zip simply right click on the folder once downloaded and select “Extract Here” or “Extract All” and the folder will unzip fully. If you are using a Mac simply double click on the original attachment (attached to the automated email) to open. If you have any further issues extracting the zip file please refer to the following links for both Mac and PC.


Once you have extracted the folder you will see the images in the folders for example EAN-13 > JPEG for the JPEG images or EAN-13 > EPS for the EPS images etc.

Note: To correctly display the OCRB font in programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop install the OCRB font on your computer.