Barcode Information

What does EAN or UPC mean?
A UPC/EAN-13 barcode is a globally recognized unique number assigned to a product that allows wholesalers and retailers to track both stock management and sales of the product in their inventory system.
Is a barcode mandatory in India?
Almost every retailer today require barcodes on products for organizing their pricing, ordering, sales figures, point of sale and inventory. A UPC/EAN 13 is a common requirement on all products in a retailer’s inventory. To make sure your product can reach the widest market available it is strongly recommended that you acquire a barcode for your product.
How many Barcode Numbers will I need?
EAN-13 or UPC barcodes are required for every unique item that you intend to sell. Product variations also each require a unique barcode, i.e. if you sell socks in different sizes and colours then a separate barcode would be required for each variant of those socks.
How do I assign my product information to the Barcode Number?

When you supply your product to a retailer, you will be required to complete a product information form which links your product and company details to that product’s unique barcode number. The store will transfer this information into their sales and inventory systems allowing your product to be scanned at point of sale and monitored by stock tracking software.

Will all retailers accept Barcodes from Barcode Savers India?
Barcodes Saver’s codes originate with the UCC (now known as GS1), and will be accepted by a vast majority of retail stores within India and around the globe. However, we always encourage you to contact retailers you intend to stock and make enquires about their barcode policies before making a purchase with us.
Why buy from Barcode Savers India instead of GS1?
Buying a barcode and registering membership with GS1 India is overwhelmingly expensive for most small business owners and traders. The Indian branch of GS1 requires the payment of initial membership fees plus ongoing yearly subscription charges that total hundreds and thousands of dollars – even when you are simply purchasing a single barcode.

Our barcodes originate with the Unifom Code Council (now GS1) but incur no additional fees, subscription charges or hidden costs of any kind.

Will my barcode be unique to my product?
Yes of course. Your barcode is totally unique and linked to your product only. All barcodes sold by Barcode Savers India originate from GS1 (formerly UCC), are guaranteed to be globally unique and are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
Is any information stored or encoded in my barcode?
Nothing other than numerical information is actually stored in the barcode itself. The barcode is simply a unique number identifier that is recorded in a retailers sales/inventory system and assigned to your item.
Can I adjust the size and dimentions of my barcode?

Yes. Our barcodes are supplied at 100% GS1 specification size (37.29mm x 25.93) however we are able to resize your codes upon request at no extra charge to your order. Generally GS1 advises a minimum of 80% of the standard size however our customers have had success with smaller sizes.

Most Omni-directional scanners read barcodes from several angles. This means that if the code is truncated only one out of three scans will detect the code. Imagine two diagonal lines and one straight line reading the code, the straight line will read the code in full and the diagonal ones will miss because they cannot see the entire code. This is why GS1 recommends only an 80% magnification of the original size (37.29mm x 25.93). Therefore truncated barcodes can scan, but not always the first try which can become a hassle for your retailers.

Will my barcodes ever expire?
No. Barcodes purchased from Barcode Savers India will never expire. When you purchase your barcodes from us they are yours for life without the need for renewal fees.
Do you charge any annual license fees?
When you purchase barcodes from The Global Standards Body GS1 India you are required to pay upfront charges and additional yearly fees. If you’re only looking for barcodes for a small number of items the costs accociated with GS1 memebership can be staggering. Barcode Savers India have secured large quantities of genuine UPC numbers in bulk and charge a once off fee when you buy. You remain the sole owner of your numbers and they do not carry annual fees or hidden costs at all.
Do you provide ITF-14 carton codes?
Yes, we offer ITF-14 barcodes as part of our Special Orders service. Please feel free to contact us if you require carton codes to accompany your product codes.
How do I get a barcode for my product?

Visit our purchase page to select your barcode package to get the ball rolling! Please ensure you have read our conditions of sale before making a purchase with us.